omments from people who have ‘cleansed’ with Araura Berkeley and her team.



...Araura has an ability to care for others in an intuitive way that creates an atmosphere of calm and relaxation throughout the cleansing process. Her healing gifts add a special dimension to the week of cleansing and turn it into so much more than a physical experience. Her calm and reassuring manner ensure the process is managed in a gentle and loving way. In her hands the cleanse becomes a time for shedding not only the unwanted matter that has clogged the body, but also the mind and spirit. Araura also has a manner which allows any inhibition or self-consciousness to evaporate and the experience becomes one of a fascinating journey. I was astonished to find that I was never hungry during the cleanse and that each day passed so quickly despite having plenty of time to relax. Despite my initial anxiety about the Liver Flush it was, in fact, a smoothe and easy process but this was, I am sure, largely due to the calm and confident way that Araura supported me throughout the week. I came away with a sense of peace and a deeper connection to my inner self. It was a cleansing and healing experience on many levels.
Lisa B.

...These six days, were transforming on many levels. The preparation of drinks and things to do, felt like a ritual, the ongoing knowledge about food / cleansing / spirituality from Araura was nurturing in its self and in a safe and loving way. The programme was perfect, enjoyable and life changing, allowing me to be more in tune with my body. I feel healthier and have a stronger desire to love and respect my body. One word that comes to me about all this is LIGHTER. On many level’s too. At last I can get in my jeans again.

...feels like it was the best week of my life. I said that about my first year of shiatsu, and then this came along and blew it away. Intense, great release for me, but relaxing also. Most glad to meet so many excellent people.

...Thank you to everyone that has contributed to my life changing experience.

...your light shines brightly, your understanding and gentleness made the whole process (of colonics) much more bearable.

...A big thanks to Araura who I felt I connected to instantly and released me of so much. What an amazing journey.

...Thank you for a life-changing week. This week has taught me about RESPECT for my body: look after IT and IT will look after you. I never realised how much it would affect my emotions when letting go of “stuff”. Thanks also to you, Araura for making colonics so much fun – I’ve never laughed so much in ages.

...The benefits will last a lifetime. I was so touched at the care and love I was shown. I felt physically and mentally stimulated by the time I left and my bad cravings have almost totally gone. For that I am eternally grateful.

...Araura, no-one in the world could have made the colonics as bearable as you did. The time flew by and your gentle approach and invaluable advice was greatly appreciated. I have been sensitively initiated into what I feel is a life changing experience.

...Thank you Araura for helping me let go of what I was holding onto in your patient and loving way.
Dr. Zarmina

...It has been the best experience of my life to date. I shall be taking so much knowledge and care with me. I look forward to my next visit.

...What a stay – from a jittery, nervous and tense wreck to as fresh as spring water all in 6 days. I can’t thank you enough for the care you took.

...You made colonics so hilarious yet enlightening! Never underestimate the wonders of the bowel.

...Several weeks later, I continue to enjoy improvement in my day-to-day life as I follow the practical advice and my own new-found inner. My purpose in life is more clearly defined. It’s as if a load has been dropped, or lifted, leaving me a more centred, peaceful man. Words just can’t express my true gratitude.
Scott E.

...The future certainly looks brighter and more inviting when released from the baggage of the past. As for the present, well I laugh a lot more and find even the challenges are less challenging.

...Much more energy, feeling better than I can’t remember when, and looking forward to the challenges ahead.

...Araura, how do you manage to make a colonic so enjoyable!?

...This week has been an incredible journey and one I will never forget. I can honestly say that my experiences this week have changed my life – it’s only when I saw what came out of me did I fully appreciate what needs to go in! Thank you so much for your guidance and help each day, especially during those difficult moments.

...Araura has got to be one of the most gentle and thorough colonic therapist on the planet! Your compassion, patience and understanding were wonderful. Thank you for doing what none of my therapists have done – clearing me out completely.
Pat and Ann