History of the Program

his cleansing program is loosely based upon what Dr. Bernard Jensen developed for his numerous patients suffering from many serious conditions. He was far ahead of his time and was able to transform so many peoples’ lives during his long and healthy life. It could be said that he re-discovered ancient arts of healing and cleansing that had sadly been lost and forgotten.

Colonics are described in the ancient Egyptian hieroglyph writings. The present cleansing format came about in 1997/8 when Katherine Monbiot, a colon hydrotherapist/nutritionist and, at the time chairperson of the International Colonic Association, approached Michael O’Connell, known for his work with nutrition, veganism and bodywork. Katherine knew of Bernard Jensen’s work and wanted to incorporate cleansing and colonics for a comprehensive approach to recovery and health.

Bernard Jensen used the self administered ‘colema board’ which is, strictly speaking, not a true colonic and cannot eliminate matter from the small intestines in the same way as can a colonic administered by a trained therapist.

Katherine and Michael devised the early cleanse format which was used several times throughout about a year. Then sadly Katherine unexpectedly died. A few months later Michael O’Connell and Araura Berkeley decided to carry on the good work that had been started and set up full time, offering six day ongoing cleansing programs at The Fisher King Centre in Glastonbury. The process has been refined over at least 14 years.